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- Nothing says ultimate relaxation like a hammock
- Mix and match abstract designs characterize
- Golden retrievers have a special knack for stuffing their face
- One of the most exciting times in a womans life
- What is your knitted fabrics impression of networking

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 Nothing says ultimate relaxation like a hammock Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Nothing says ultimate relaxation like a hammock hanging in your backyard or at your porch. Many summer days, I feel the need to sit out in the breeze and catnap oh, if only I had a hammock. But the next question is, what kind? There are a lot of different hammocks out there decisions, decisions.... Traditionally hammocks were hosted up being two sturdy trees at the right distance. Often made of rope, they can also be attached to knitted fabrics any sturdy post or porch anywhere you like. But nowadays, there are other types of hammocks with no hanging required. Some of these options include a hammock with stand combo, hammock chairs with chair stand, and portable hammocks that require no tools to assemble. If you are on the go, but do not want to leave your hammock? Set yourself up a hammock at your campsite with a comfy portable hammock that comes in a carrying bag. One of the greatest innovations that I have seen are the hammocks with accompanying stand (hammock with stand combo). A wood hammock stand, for example, can make a lovely addition to your backyardfunctional, attractive and a very natural look. Invite your friends over, and it is sure that your hammock and stand combo will be a guaranteed magnet for all who encounter it. Now lets talk about hammock fabrics. As mentioned previously, hammocks were traditionally made of rope, but today there are many other options in hammock consistency: Quilted hammocks for example allow you to lose that feeling of thinking that you are going to fall through they provide a solid and comfortable surface to rest your tired body. Cotton is another fabric used for hammocks weaving, sometimes for rope models, and also for solid models without holes. Cotton fabric is very easy to wash, its breathable, and feels soft to the body. Fabric hammocks are another option you can choose, especially if you are concerned about the aesthetic appeal of your hammock. Some fabric models even feature quick drying fabrics to ensure the ultimate in both comfort and performance for you. Other unique hammock options include the double hammock, hammock swings, and chair hammocks: Double hammocks allow you to use them for romantic moments for two in a hammock without the squirming to get yourself in a comfortable position. Hammock swings provide a relaxing upright option so that you can sit up (to read a book or watch TV), but still you sit in a complete comfort, and allow yourself to swing in the breeze. And chair hammocks also allow for upright seating, and special chair stands can even be purchased to attach to your car for those fishing, camping or tailgating occasions. Sounds like fun! Nothing beats a glass of lemonade and a relaxing hammock on a warm day. Make memories and get a hammock with stand combo to.

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 Mix and match abstract designs characterize Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Mix and match abstract designs characterize modern baby beddings. The pleasing geometrical repetitions and light colors are easy to match with each other, while being also appealing if just one design is used for all the beddings. You could assemble a nursery motif using elements with different patterns and colors. This will give your nursery a unique liveliness and youth. With modern prints, you can custom assemble your own motif for the modern baby bedding. Some modern patterns and colors are definitely meant for Textiles boys and others are unquestionably feminine. But most modern designs do not manifest any gender preference and may be used for either gender. However, a distinctive characteristic of baby beddings for boys is that it is recommended to use a uniform set for them. Not so with beddings for girls. Apparently, the sort of free form motifs that result from mixing and matching designs are more suitable for females. Gender characteristics may also affect the choice of fabric for beddings. Heavier and more sturdy fabrics are recommended for modern baby beddings for boys. Talking about materials, the global trend, affecting all businesses and industries, for discouraging the use of synthetic materials in favor of organic ones has created a new trend in modern baby beddings for organic fabrics. Actually the first baby beddings were made from organic materials. After the discovery of the possibilities of synthetic cloths, organic materials, such as; cotton and silk have been replaced for a great part by synthetic ones. This is partly due to the fact that organic fabrics are more expensive. But when the latest scientific findings proved that the chemical residue on synthetic fabrics remained there for a period long after its first washing, synthetics have steadily dropped in popularity. Especially in baby beddings, the presence of toxic residue can do much harm. Modern designs are characterized by freely drawn shapes and patterns. However there are cloth manufacturers who wish to incorporate the elegance and style of older designs within the context of contemporary fabric design. This is why even for people who prefer traditional baby motifs, there will be modern beddings to suit their preferences You actually have a greater freedom of aesthetic expression if you decide to use modern baby beddings. Since the designs have no predominating theme, you can combine any of them to come up with variations of color tone and graphical moods to meet your specific taste. The flexibility of use also leads to a greater economy in purchases. You dont really have to buy complete sets when you decide to use modern beddings since the new ones may match existing old designs that you already have in your nursery. Additionally, gender considerations do not play a great role in determining the modern bedding you want, since by simply mixing the right colors and patterns you can come up with settings that are appropriate for boys at one time or settings that are appropriate for girls at another.

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 Golden retrievers have a special knack for stuffing their face Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Golden retrievers have a special knack for stuffing their face with stuffed toys. They seem to be born with a craving for stuffed toys. I know my golden, Nikki, already had a penchant for stuffed toys at the age of six to eight weeks old. She is an amazing Certified Therapy Dog but, she will steal resident's stuffed toys if I would allow her to. Now, for those of you who are handy with the needle, you could remove the stuffing, and fill the toy with tough fabric instead, that way, it will last forever! I think that dogs feel closer to being a dog when they actually have a stuffed toy in their mouth. They feel that they have caught it. They can carry it around, they can claim it, they can retrieve it (especially retrievers), and it is theirs. And, it feels good to them. After a while, the smell of this stuffed toy becomes awful to us, but great to the dogs. Depending on the breed you have, some dogs will kill the stuffed toys, some dogs will love it, sleep on it and snuggle with it. Retrievers will consistently have it in their mouth when you return home. By far, the cheapest way to keep your dog in stuffed toys is buying cheap, right sized stuffed animals at garage/yard sales. I wash them in hot water, and a bit of Solumel (Melaleuca household cleaner that helps get rid of bacteria and it is animal and nature friendly), this is very important! Then, I remove all the detachable; lose things like eyes, whiskers, etc. These toys are a very cheap alternative to expensive pet store toys. Be very careful though that you check and make sure that this toy is not stuffed with small, styrofoam beads. Avoid Textiles those. You can easily tell by squishing the toy in your hand. Dogs often rip open their stuffed toys, and the styrofoam beads could become a hazard to your dog. I know of some big dogs that shake their stuffed toy to so much that they are actually killing it. If you have more than one dog watch that the other dog doesn't get hurt by the toy that is being shaken. It is easy to have your other dogs eye get punctured or hurt. So to repeat the question, why do dogs like stuffed toys? Well, it seems that we all love stuffed toys. Adults have them, kids love them, cats play with stuffed mice, and dogs claim them to kill it, to claim it, or just to love it.

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 One of the most exciting times in a womans life Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

One of the most exciting times in a womans life is when she becomes pregnant. The changes in an expectant mothers body results in adjusting to the changes in her clothing. When pregnant, many women feel that they are limited in their selection of clothing for special occasions. Fortunately, with the many companies now selling trendy and comfortable pregnancy clothing, an expectant mother can now wear trendy clothing in any type of occasion. One such occasion is a black tie event. With a bit of imaginative planning, there are a number ways a pregnant woman can dress appropriately and stylish for a black tie event. The following is a list of tips on what to wear for a black tie event when you are pregnant: 1. Comfort is an essential consideration when dressing for a black tie event. When selecting maternity clothing, look for material that will make you feel relaxed. You want material that will stretch as you move and not feel restrictive. For instance, stretchy fabric such as silk and soft fabric such as cashmere will allow for better comfort. Soft, smooth, and loose fitting dresses or blouses will make the evening much more relaxing and enjoyable. 2. A maternity dress with a waistline that lies under the chest while the rest of the dress flows freely down the body is a good choice. This makes the dress less restrictive on the stomach while fitting the rest of the body. You can also try a number of different styles of dresses such as a backless, strapless, or a short skirt. You can assess each type of maternity dress in the mirror to see if it looks good on you. It is important to highlight your attractive features such as your cleavage, legs, or neckline. 3. The color of a dress is important to consider when attending a black tie event. Black is a popular color because it is slimming and stylish for such a formal affair. You can also consider a dress or skirt with stylish prints and colors. A black flowing skirt with an elastic waistline skirt with a trendy blouse containing stylish designs is a good choice. As well, there are a number of stylish brand name cocktail dresses that are perfect for a black tie event. 4. When attending a black tire event, it is important that you accessorize. You can add flair to your outfit by adding such accessories such as a broach, necklace, shawl, earrings, or bracelet. The accessories should not be overbearing, but emphasize style and elegance. Silver and gold accessories added to a black dress make a trendy fashion statement. The shoes you wear should not only match the outfit, but they should also be comfortable. Wear flats instead of high heels for more comfort. Just because you are pregnant, it does not Woven jacquard fabrics mean you have to avoid black tie events. There are many maternity clothing retailers, including online retailers, which sell the trendiest pregnancy outfits that will dazzle the guests at any formal event. Not only will you look stylish, but you will also be comfortable, which is essential during one of the most joyous times in your life.

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 What is your knitted fabrics impression of networking Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

What is your knitted fabrics impression of networking? To many, its an insincere trade of favors or, at best, an elegant way of using people to get what you want. I actually asked this question of a group of PhD students at a Top 5 engineering school and one student near the front asked, You mean, with other people?  

Conversely, whats your impression of relationships? When talking about relationships, most use characteristics such as trust, depth, and vested interest. So, if relationships have been around since the Ice Ages and we all know what they are, why is it that were becoming increasingly disconnected? In many ways, were losing our ability to touch people!

Robert Putnam, in his bestseller Bowling Alone, clearly describes how our health, our democracy, and yes, even our happiness, depend on a certain amount of social capital. Yet for many, when its easier to send someone a voicemail who works three offices down the hall from you instead of walking over for a conversation, or to send them a Crackberry text message instead of picking up the phone and calling them, is there really any question about the dramatic erosion of our sense of community? Every day, we pass people in the hallways wearing company badges (so we know they work there), but we have no idea who they are! When someone transfers, well send out a memo that says, Bob has joined our team, but make no mention of his spouse and young children who just moved across the country, dont know a soul here, and are struggling to fit in. Heres an idea  as the department manager or division executive, why dont you have Bob and Mary (thats her name from the personnel file by the way) over to your home with a group of his peers and their spouses for them to all get to know each other. Heres a Dadism for you  people deal with people they know, like and trust!

As a leader, if you genuinely believe that your human capital is your most valuable asset and a clear differentiator in the marketplace, you must search for, assess, on-board, train, develop, coach, and constantly align that talent for what the organizations needs today, as well as anticipating its future requirements. And when things dont work out, try to outplace that talent with the least amount of disruption to the business. Ask yourself, what part of this formula couldnt benefit from stronger relationships? If we all know the value of relationships, why do so few of us really practice the fundamentals daily?

You have an opportunity to build relationships every minute of everyday. Yet, most people go through each day with their head buried in checklists and action items. Building and nurturing relationships must become the dye in the fabric, not the patch. Networking functions are patches; drive-by-greetings are patches; insincere getting and giving business cards are patches. Let me save you the time  the Yellow Pages serve the same purpose. Relationships should be the dye in the fabric. They should permeate through who you are and the culture of the team youre building.

Helpful tools are social networking technologies such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo and Spoke, which automate the mundane and resource intensive tasks of data entry, analysis, search and recommendations  but they should never replace the fundamental value of trusted, value-based introductions. Users of these tools should also never forget that there are three fundamental types of networkers: Givers (God bless Mother Theresa), who give altruistically; Takers (weve all known some), who only call or email when they want something; and Investors, who see their personal, functional and strategic relationships as their most valuable asset and consistently aim at more effectively identifying, building, nurturing and leveraging those investments for a quantifiable return on those relationships.

Which one are you? Giver, taker or investor? If I were to ask three of your colleagues, customers, executives or even friends, which one would they say you are?

Your personal and professional success depends on the diversity and quality of your relationships with others, yet most of us don't spend enough time building, nurturing and quantifying the key relationships we need to achieve success. That's where Relationship Economics comes into play. Relationship Economics isn't about networking; it's about learning how to invest in people for an extraordinary return. It's about understanding Relationship Currency, accumulating Reputation Capital and building Professional Net Worth. It's about learning the art and science of relationships to get things done in a systematic, disciplined manner.

So, I ask you again, whats the strategic value of your business relationships?

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